Becker LNG PowerPac®
ready to be loaded on board.

Becker LNG Hybrid Barge "Hummel"
in the port of Hamburg.

Becker LNG PowerPac®
lowered to position on board.

Becker LNG PowerPac®

The Becker LNG PowerPac® is a modern, environmentally-friendly, safe and economical solution for supplying power to ships in port. The system is a compact unit the size of two 40-foot high cube containers, intelligently combining a gas-powered generator with an output of 1.5 Megawatts. Once a container ship is moored, the first thing is to place the Becker LNG PowerPac® on board to provide power to the on-board power supply during the vessel’s layover in port.

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Becker LNG Power Barge

Becker Marine Systems has developed the advanced LNG Power Barge, an innovative solution for improving air quality in harbour cities by reducing emissions from cruise ships in port. It produces significantly lower emissions than the diesel engines used to generate power on board cruise ships.

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Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)

An environmental-friendly alternative to common fuels with significant emission reductions.


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Head office Germany:
HPE Hybrid Port Energy
Blohmstr. 23, 21079 Hamburg
Tel: +49-40-24199-1630

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Video Becker LNG PowerPac®

Loading of Becker LNG PowerPac® on board container ship at HHLA terminal.

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