Becker LNG PowerPac®
ready to be loaded on board.

Becker LNG Hybrid Barge "Hummel"
in the port of Hamburg.

Becker LNG PowerPac®
lowered to position on board.

Clean and mobile shore power

HPE Hybrid Port Energy was founded by Becker Marine Systems with the objective of supplying environmentally-friendly maritime power. With its alternative power concepts, Becker Marine Systems is proving once again the company’s innovative spirit on behalf of our environment.

Supplying environmentally friendly electricity to container ships

Many port cities suffer from increasingly poor air quality. The goal of HPE Hybrid Port Energy is to remedy this situation. From a mobile generator called Becker LNG PowerPac® we can sustainably supply container ships during their layovers at port with the electricity required for on-board operation. The auxiliary diesel engines are switched off, significantly lowering the amount of pollutants in the air.

The Becker LNG PowerPac® is an uncomplicated solution for reducing pollution at ports and has the potential to be used internationally. HPE Hybrid Port Energy developed the Becker LNG PowerPac® as a compact system the size of two stacked 40-foot high cube containers. This unit combines a gas-powered generator and a removable tank with liquefied natural gas (LNG), which supplies the fuel for the generator. As an alternative shore power solution, LNG is ideally suited to implementing the International Maritime Organization (IMO)’s new maritime environmental standards as well as the requirements for onshore power supply for ports in China taking effect in 2020. LNG can be cooled to minus 162 degrees, highly compressing it, making space-saving storage possible.

Clean power for cruise ships in port

The floating LNG Power Barge can be transferred and used in various terminals in a port, all-year-around and independently from calls of port. When cruise season is off, the produced electrical power and heat can be fed in local grids and supply households in the city which is an additional option and benefit. The power can be delivered in the required frequency of 60 Hz for the majority of cruise ships or 50 Hz for public grid and industrial customers. No separate and expensive converter on shore-side is needed.


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