Becker LNG PowerPac®
ready to be loaded on board.

Becker LNG Hybrid Barge "Hummel"
in the port of Hamburg.

Becker LNG PowerPac®
lowered to position on board.

The mobile power solution in port

The mobile alternative energies concept introduced by HPE Hybrid Port Energy, the Becker LNG PowerPac®, has been developed in order to supply clean energy to other ships at port such as container vessels, car carriers and ferries. The power unit enables cold ironing for vessels during port operation. Furthermore, it can supply reefer containers with the energy needed. The system is containerised and simply stored on board during the vessel’s layover in port.

Clean power for cruise ships in port

The LNG Power Barge of HPE Hybrid Port Energy generates energy for cruise ships lying in port. Compared to using on-board diesel engines, power supplied by the LNG Power Barge will lead to a dramatic reduction of harmful CO2, NOX, SOX and particle emissions during layovers in port.


"Hummel" EFRE funded

EFRE fundedThe LNG Power Barge "Hummel" is funded by the European Regional Development Fund (EFRE).

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